MS SQL Server Tutorial

MS SQL Server is one of the mostly used Database in the world. So we have decided to post some articles to teach you about MS SQL Server. Go through each article one by one and you will learn SQL Server in a very short span of time. Read the articles one by one below:

Beginner Concept :
  1. Introduction of MS SQL
  2. CREATE tables in Sql Server
  3. INSERT data in to sql tables
  4. SELECT usage in sql Server
  5. WHERE clause usage in queries
  6. UPDATE data in to sql tables
  7. DELETE data from sql server tables
  8. ALIAS in SQL Server
  9. TOP clause usage in different queries
  10. AND usage in sql server
  11. OR usage in queries
  12. NOT clause usage in sql server
  13. ORDER BY clause explanation
  14. BETWEEN clause explanation in sql server 
  15. LIKE clause with wildcards
  16. DISTINCT usage in sql server
Intermediate Concept :
  1. JOIN in sql server
  2. VIEW in sql server explained
  3. UNION clause usage
  4. UNION ALL explained in sql server
  5. STORED PROCEDURE usage & explanation
  6. INDEX introduction in sql server
  7. FUNCTION introduction and explaination in sql
  8. TRIGGER significance and usage
  9. RANK windows function usage in sql server
  10. TEMPORARY TABLE and their types in sql server
  11. HAVING clause explanation in sql server
  12. CASE explanation and usage
  13. DENSE RANK windows function
  14. PARTITION BY clause in sql server
  15. ROW NUMBER explanation with example
  16. GROUP BY in sql server
  17. MAGIC TABLE introduction and explanation
Miscellaneous Concept :
  1. How to know version of your SQL Server ?
  2. What id the difference between Identity, Scope Identiy and Ident Current ?
  3. How to find duplicate rows in a table ?
  4. Fetch rows between N and M rows ( in SQL 2012 and above )
  5. What is SET NOCOUNT ?
  6. Why ISNULL is used ?
  7. Explain FOR XML PATH and FOR XML PATH RAW in sql server
  8. Explain OFFSET – FETCH in sql server (used in SQL server 2012 and above )
  9. What is the use of OFFSET in sql server ? (used in SQL server 2012 and above )
  10. What is the significance of DATEDIFF function ?
  11. Explain Tinyint Vs Small Int
  12. What is CHARINDEX usage in sql ?
  13. Use of REVERSE in sql server
  14. Explain RIGHT & LEFT in sql server
  15. Describe LEN function in sql
  16. Differentiate between Bit and Tiny Int
  17. What is STUFF in sql server ?